"Because who wants to wear a bikini without stilettos?" – Erica

Stiletto Bikini Blast Workout DVD

Reality TV star Erica Rose and celebrity trainer & fitness expert Cari Shoemate have teamed up to create a workout DVD to help you get that bikini body you always wanted – and show you how to do with confidence and style! Follow along with Erica and Cari as you tone and sculpt your entire body all while having fun! As Erica explains in the dvd, the purpose for wearing your bikini is to help you be more aware of your body and your form. It will force you to stand up tall (and tight!) during the moves, which will improve your posture and core!

The workout is fun, yet effective and you will finish the workout feeling stronger, more toned and ready to show off your best bikini body ever. Wear that bikini with confidence!

The DVD Includes:

  • Stiletto Workout (bikini and stilettos optional!): Work on your core, legs and arms as you challenge your balance.
  • Total Body Workout: Cari and Erica demonstrate their favorite total body moves to tone up all the areas that show in your bikini including triceps, shoulders, core, glutes and more.
  • Bonus Bikini Abs: This bonus ab workout is a quick and effective core conditioning circuit that will tone all of your abdominal muscles.

Ever since Erica did her Stiletto Bikini Blast Workout on VH1’s first season of “You’re Cut Off”, everyone (even Dr. Phil!) has been telling her to make a DVD. With the help of her trainer, Cari Shoemate, Erica has created a fun workout that will help you get toned and sexy so you’ll be bikini ready all year-round! Order now and get free shipping!




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